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4 Tips For Owning A Dog On A Budget

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Owning a dog can bring a lot of joy into your life, but as a pet owner you are also responsible for the expenses associated with owning a dog. You may really want to own a dog, but think that you can't afford one. There are many ways to ensure that a dog is happy and healthy even if you are living on a budget. Use the following tips to make dog ownership more affordable:

Consider Adopting a Dog

If you want to welcome a loving dog into your family without spending a ton of money to purchase one, check out your local animal shelter or dog rescue groups. These places have many wonderful dogs who need a good home, and the adoption costs are typically quite affordable. Many shelters and rescues also include shots, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and a vet exam in the adoption costs. So for one low price you can rest assured that your new pet is healthy and ready to be taken home.

Look for Low Cost Immunization Clinics

There are few things as cute as a little puppy frolicking around, but when you get a new puppy you will also have to make sure that he or she gets several shots to protect him or her from dangerous canine diseases. If you can't find an affordable vet in your area, search for a low cost immunization clinic like Moon Mobile Veterinary Services LLC. While these clinics often have limited hours or may only be opened on certain days of the week, they are staffed by vets and your dog can get all of the immunizations needed to stay healthy at a fraction of the cost of visiting a vet's office.

Buy Food in Bulk

When you're on a budget you may be tempted to buy the cheapest dog food that you can find, but if you want you dog to get the nutrients that he or she needs to stay healthy it is better to buy the best dog food that you can afford. But buying quality dog food doesn't have to break the bank—when you buy the food in bulk you can enjoy great savings.

Train Your Dog Yourself

Obedience classes are a great tool for dog training, but with a little bit of time and effort you can have a very well behaved dog by training him or her yourself. Spend several hours scouring the Internet for dog training tips and videos and stock up on treats to help the training along. With consistency, it won't take long for your dog to learn your commands.