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3 Recommendations For Your Dog's Veterinarian Visit

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Taking your dog – especially a puppy – to the vet is something that is not only recommended, it is something that you should simply do. Even if your dog does not exhibit any issues or problems, it is highly recommended that you take him or her to the vet for a simple checkup once per year. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few recommendations that you should either have your trusted vet perform or, at the very least, discuss with him or her.


Puppies can be quite weak when they are born due to the fact that they rely on receiving antibodies from their mother. As such, their immune systems are quite weak. It is imperative that you take your puppy to a licensed and trusted veterinarian as soon as they are weaned off of their mother and gain independence. Vaccinations fall under two different rubrics, according to the AVMA: core and non-core. The former refers to vaccinations that are necessary and integral to your puppy's survival, while the latter refers to vaccinations that are highly beneficial to your puppy's health, but not necessary for their survival.


Part of the problem of owning a puppy is that they are quite susceptible to disease. Many intestinal parasites are even transferred from their mother to the puppy in the womb. As such, it's important to have your puppy checked out soon after birth to examine him or her for worms and, if they are present, have them removed. The presence of such parasites can occasionally lead to malnutrition, quick weight loss, and death. Intestinal parasites, like worms, can also be transferred to humans, especially those who are involved in handling the puppy's feces.

Dietary Habits

It is important to discuss with your vet your dog's dietary habits. This is especially the case when they are a puppy and their diet may demand some changes from what you would normally serve a fully grown dog. A puppy should never be served grown dog food and, as a growing beast, should be served upwards of three or four times a day until they are six months of age.

Raising a dog can be a treat, but it's important that you carefully monitor their health. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you have hopefully learned of a few ways that a veterinarian can help you with this process. For more information, contact Basking Ridge Animal Hospital or a similar location.