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The Importance Of Pampering Your Dog

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Grooming has several health benefits for dogs. A trip to the groomer keeps your dog's fur from being matted, his anal glands from becoming impacted and his claws from becoming painfully overgrown. Plus, a nice bath and blow-dry will keep your dog's fur smelling clean and fresh which can cut down on allergies for both canine and human members of your family. This is key to keeping your furniture clean and your house from developing smelly odors that waft up from dirty doggie fur. However, just like humans enjoy a trip to the spa for a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial, your best friend can enjoy a trip to the groomer for the same reasons.


Just like a lot of humans, most dogs like to get out of the house and socialize with other dogs and people. A trip to the groomer provides this benefit for your dog. Getting out and about and interacting with other dogs and humans can be a huge stress reliever for your dog. This experience will also help teach your dog manners and reinforce the manners you have already taught him. And just like daycare for a child, sending your dog to his regular grooming appointment can give you a break from each other and allow you both to destress.


A grooming appointment is more involved than just throwing some soap and water on your dog, toweling him off and moving him out to make room for the next client. A good groomer will do a great job of pampering your dog. The bath portion of the appointment should include some relaxing canine massage and interesting conversation from the groomer to your dog. Your dog will also enjoy having his coat be blow-dried and brushed out. The warm air of the dryer and the soft strokes of the brush will feel amazing. It is very difficult to make nail trimming and anal gland expression pleasurable (for either the dog or the groomer), so your groomer may wish to do these less-than-pleasant tasks at the beginning to get them out of the way. Then your dog can concentrate on the fun part of the grooming session, and go back home on a happy note after being pampered and smelling clean and fresh.

A trip to the groomer is beneficial for your pet in many ways. The psychological aspect should not be overlooked. Take your pet for a monthly pampering session at his favorite groomer and you will both feel less stress and more relaxed. For more information, visit centers like Columbine Animal Hospital & Emergency Clinic.